TempElert - solid solutions for mission critical environmental monitoring

  • Low cost solutions for single probe, multi probe, or multipoint/multi-probe enterprise level applications
  • Network enabled monitoring and reporting - LAN, WAN, Intranet, or Internet
  • Get alerts of over/under temperature, humidity, wetness, power and switch status, and relay those alarm conditions anywhere in the world
  • Get alerts visually, with sound, by email, pager, cellphone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and even by voice telephone calls
  • Fully configurable for a wide variety of needs - from personal home monitoring to industrial applications
  • No ongoing fees, no subscriptions, no required service plans
  • Wired or wireless solutions
  • Full logging of all data, plus onscreen graphing

Prices start at $99 ready to run - 3 unique products to fit any need and budget - see below

TempElert Spectrum: multiple probes and multiple location, network based

Version 1.41 now available with new features and improvements. Details here

Above: TempElert Spectrum running on Windows 7 64 bit, showing graphs, multiple devices, and probe status

TempElert Standard: multiple probes, network based, single location

Above: TempElert Multichannel running 3 temperature probes and a switch status.

TempElert USB: single temp/humidity probe, USB based

Above: TempElertUSB running a single Temperature and Humidity USB probe, showing calculated dewpoint.

About TempElert products

TempElert insures your business investment. By monitoring mission critical server rooms, A/C, HVAC, process controls, refrigerated goods, livestock, freezers, wine cellars, perishable products, or anything that may be affected by temperature, humidity, or wetness. TempElert lets you know there may be something wrong, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere by using globally enabled networking, Email, and SMS mobile messaging to ensure notification. TempElert Multichannel and TempElert Spectrum can also call people with voice alerts, using the optional telephone dialer, because isn't waking somebody up in the middle of the night better than having a melted server room or spoiled food? TempElert can also monitor switches, such as burglar alarm relays, limits switches, door and window switches and relays and report their status.

TempElert is cost effective, simple to setup, and reliable in use. With thousands of installed systems since 2003. Isn't your business worth securing against damage caused by A/C or HVAC failure?


TempElert Spectrum: For enterprise level environmental monitoring over a wide area and multiple locations
TempElert Standard: for multiple probes in a single location over a LAN, VPN or Internet
TempElert USB: Low cost reliable solution for monitoring temp and humidity in one location


 * optional phone dialer required


Depending on the product you choose, TempElert can be set to monitor over and under temperature, dewpoint, humidity, power and switch status alarm conditions, then alert you several ways:

  • Visually on screen

  • Audibly via computer speaker

  • Via Email

  • Via pager

  • Via cellphone

  • Via mailing list server

  • Make a telephone call to multiple recipients (optional voice dialer hardware required)

TempElert is a mature product, in use since 2003, and has been used in mission critical applications worldwide in Information Technology, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Food Services, Agriculture, and many other venues.

We offer off the shelf as well as custom engineered solutions to a wide variety of environmental monitoring needs.