TempElert Version.1.41

This version contains one bug fix.

The High Caution alert was not sending email, was not activating windows sound, was not activating the auto dialer and was not executing the program associated with the alert type.

TempElert Version.1.4

This version contains feature enhancements requested by our customers and one bug fix.

-- Device Query Interval

The device query interval is user-selectable with the following allowable settings in the Device Configuration dialog:
5 seconds
10 seconds
15 seconds
30 seconds (this is the default and recommended setting)
1 minute
2 minutes
3 minutes
4 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour

If the customer selects an interval less than 30 seconds, a caution dialog appears informing the customer that frequent queries increase the probability of missed data queries due to device response time and network latency.

The program stores 86400 data points in memory.
The total time span of the scrollable chart data depends on the query interval.

The chart window time span is user-selectable in the following range:
   5 minutes
 10 minutes
 20 minutes
 30 minutes
   1 hour
 24 hours
7 days
30 days
The span is set in a drop-down list box on the chart window. If the customer selects a 24-hour span, the data points are represented on a line without data point symbols.
Otherwise, the data is represented using the selected data point symbol. The 7 and 30 day chart ranges are available only if the query interval for the specified device is less than or equal to 30 seconds.

The total time span of the scrollable data for each setting:

Device Query Interval Total Time Span of Scrollable Data
5 seconds 5 days
10 seconds 10 days
15 seconds 15 days
30 seconds 30 days
1 minute 60 days
2 minutes 120 days
3 minutes 180 days
4 minutes 240 days
5 minutes 300 days
10 minutes 600 days
15 minutes 900 days
30 minutes 1800 days
1 hour 3600 days

-- Log File Handling

The customer may disable data and status logging on a per-device basis.
This setting is in the Device Configuration dialog and logging is enabled by default.

The customer may elect to disable logging of individual device query failures (also on a per-device basis).
This is separate from and does not affect the monitoring of and notifications for consecutive device query failures.
This setting is in the Device Configuration dialog and logging is enabled by default.

When the customer changes a probe's status log file name, the associated data log file is named to the same file name (with an extension of .csv).
The customer may change the location of the probe's status log but the data logs remain in the program's data storage folder.

-- Probe Names In Chart Legends

The customer may elect to display the user-specified probe name rather than the probe number in the chart legend displays, on a per-device basis.
If the customer enables this option in the Dataset Color and Symbol Selection dialog, the first 16 characters of the probe name are displayed in the chart legend.
The full probe name (if it is longer than 16 characters) is displayed in the tooltip as in previous versions.

This will likely affect the symmetry of the legend display.
Enlarging the program's window to account for longer legend entries will restore that symmetry if it is so desired.

-- Bug Fixes:

There was an off-by-one error in the chart display where the most recent data point that was plotted on the chart was actually from the previous query.